Collection: Customize Your Own

Crafting a unique piece of jewelry, from custom engagement rings to personalized necklaces, is made simple by collaborating with a skilled jeweler who transforms your vision into reality.

Custom Design Service

Our tailored design service offers a unique journey with our Jewelry Experts, whether in-store or online. Collaborate closely to create a one-of-a-kind piece reflecting your style, from concept to completion.

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1. Understanding your requirements

Our jewelry experts guide you through the process, whether you're using a new diamond or a family heirloom. We'll begin by exploring your ideas and sketching your unique design.

2. Getting Approval From You

Upon your approval of a computer-generated rendering of your distinctive design, we'll craft an exact wax replica for you to assess, allowing you to try it on and inspect it from every angle.

3. Filling Things Together

Once you're completely satisfied with your design, a skilled artisan will personally cast your piece and meticulously set your diamond by hand.


4. Final Polish To Perfection

Your jewelry will undergo meticulous polishing, bringing your vision to fruition. With custom design services offered in all Zales stores, showcasing your unique love has never been more accessible.