About Us

Sara jewelry is a Wholesale Jewelry company founded in 2004 and established itself as a leading brand. The company has many clients around the world.

Sara jewelry is in the front of technology in manufacturing jewelry and develops about 1200 new products every year as well as personalized costume pieces. In the course of the years, we developed a new and unique manufacturing and coating technique which constitutes a high level of quality.

The gold coating is based on 925 Sterling Silver or Brass with no nickel which prevents sensitivity and allergy. The depth of the coating is at least 3 micron in 18K.

All the silver products are in the highest quality 925/1000.

We provide a variety of pieces in multiple metals including Brass, Stainless Steel, 925 Sterling Silver, 10K Gold, 14K Gold.

Our products inlay is done using varied stones. Possible options include Cubic Zirconia, Moissanite Stones & Diamonds. 

The inlays are done by employees with many years of experience using only microscopes.

The company has the ability to produce more than 100000 pieces every month.

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